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And when I walk away, you take off running and come right after me.

Don’t Deserve You - Plumb

Last week of 3rd year uni starts tomorrow; I can’t wait! This year has been one hell of a hectic year for me and after exams, there’s even more to plan/look forward to. My mum said the other day: “I don’t know when it happened, but I turned around and suddenly both of my children were so busy.” Haha, tooooo true. I do like to keep myself busy but at times, I’ve just been flat out. It really makes you appreciate those quiet days to yourself when you can put aside all of your commitments and what not. Even if it’s just for one day! Just a bit over 4 weeks and I’ll be free! Free to plan my birthday and also free to plan the rest of my America trip :O (I’m not where I’d like to be at this stage in terms of planning tsk tsk). Hopefully tomorrow I can make some progress and book some hotels. Can’t wait for the Bellagio in Vegas! 

Went back to Lux Bite today. Haven’t been there in a while and they’ve got a few new desserts on their menu. Had to have the green tea cheesecake again (because it’s delicious) but I also tried the bread & butter pudding with warm pandan soup. Both were so good! (Erh, why isn’t Tumblr allowing me to embed photos. See photo below!)

Short one from me today. Will write more soon!



inspire me to be happy with what i have


inspire me to be happy with what i have

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People always ask me, ‘oh how’s Pharmacy?’ or ‘How’s uni?’ or ‘do you like your course?’ and in all honesty, I really don’t know how to answer. We’ve been at uni for almost 3 months now and I guess I’m still trying to find it hard to adapt. It’s very different from VCE — there seems to be much more work, less time but people are so much more chill about getting things done. I think my problem is that I’m so used to being a perfectionist (a part of me that I will always, always dislike). With so little time in uni to get things done, most people just aim for a pass and are overjoyed when they do. I’m still getting my head around the idea that things have to be done this way. I don’t know what I’m aiming for, just a pass or HD’s in all subjects to get honours. Really, for anything in between, there’s really no point and you may as well just aim for a pass. I wish I was the type who would be happy with just a pass. The type of person who’d be content or even overjoyed at the fact that I merely completed the task. Probably one of the reasons I feel like I’m drowning in all of this uni work is the fact that I’m aiming to do everything perfectly. It’s the Mac.Rob girl in me … the over-achieving, pedantic perfectionist. The girl who must get every single detail right. I’ve changed over the past few months though; I used to be so much more of a perfectionist and I have learned to let some things go. However, there’s still that part of me there and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to NOT be like that. I am scared of failure. I’m scared of not putting 100% into everything I do and I dread the regret I’d feel after. I really need to change though but it’s a pretty difficult thing to do. I just have to promise myself I won’t get so overwhelmed to the point that I just give up. I haven’t gotten to that point … yet!

Wow. What a rant. Christine’s changing my password soon (again!)

I’m feeling rather hyper right now. I just drunk a can of V hoping it would wake me up and motivate me to study. Well, it definitely has woken me up but I’m feeling really hyperactive and keep singing along to every song that comes onto my iPod. Best song to listen/sing to when you’re hyper? I GOTTA POCKET GOTTA POCKET FULL OF SUNSHINEEEE. Seriously, try it some time. It’s just one of those songs that suit the hyper mood.

Lalala, I just feel like talking. I haven’t been this happy in a while ever since I started uni. I don’t know if it’s the guarana in the V or because of other things going on in my life right now. Actually I want to get something off my chest. It’s always recommended that bloggers refrain from blogging in moments of extreme happiness or severe depression but whatevs, I’m going to keep going with my words. I haven’t written anything in a while actually.

I was pretty excited to start uni. I was glad to leave high school and the stress of VCE behind me and I looked forward to experiencing a whole new environment at uni. But when I started uni, I began to realise that it was quite similar to high school - my university, particularly, mirrored many aspects of high school that I had disliked. I quickly lost motivation and lost interest in everything. In general, I just felt lost. It was a crap feeling for a while. It was like I was going by each day, doing mundane tasks just for the sake of doing them rather then doing them because I actually enjoyed doing them. I didn’t really feel ‘connected’ to anything at uni - my friends, meeting new people, subjects, learning new things etc etc. I started skipping lectures. I missed a few lectures due to sleeping in. Yeah, I was tired. Maybe that’s a reason I couldn’t wake up in time. But usually if I have enough motivation to wake up, despite how tired I am, I will be able to wake up. I guess there was no motivation there so I didn’t really put any effort into my lectures. My parents started noticing and got angrier and angrier with me. They’d yell if I was awake past 12. Yell if I was ‘rushing’ in the morning. They just seemed to yell at everything I did. I may be doing things differently but I haven’t changed drastically and I don’t know why but suddenly since starting uni, they’ve been acting differently towards me. I don’t feel as close to my parents as I used to be with them. It makes me wonder if I actually am doing anything differently. Or maybe it’s just their fear that I’m going to be a completely different person now that I’ve started university. They say stuff like ‘oh you do this and this just because you’re a uni student now. You think you can do all of that?’ Gah, I don’t know. Because of this, I’m afraid everything I do now is wrong.

I’ve been feeling completely lost these past few weeks but things are starting to look up. And I think I owe a thanks to someone. Starting uni I started to lose myself. I felt like I wasn’t being myself but I didn’t now who to act like anymore. I lost interest in a lot of things, began to forget about what actually made me happy and didn’t seem to care about much at all. But that’s not me. Things interest me. I want to be happy. And I do care (sometimes a little too much). I didn’t know where I was heading. Then there was you. I don’t know when it happened but I came to realise that you liked me for me. You reminded me of who I was - the girl I was before I got so caught up in everything. You make me want to be that girl again. You say I’m different and though I don’t know how you can tell, it makes me happy to know you think that of me. So really, all I can say is thank you. I feel much better now - I feel more in control of everything around me. I’ve caught up on all of my uni work (minus assignments!) but I don’t feel as though I’m drowning anymore.

"Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me."

It’s not only that one person though that I have to thank. There are a select few of my friends who are completely amazing. They’re friends who have been there all along and have always loved me for who I am. They’ve always told me to never change and I have kept that in mind all along. It may not seem like a lot but it really does warm my heart knowing that you are there for me despite my various quirks, insecurities and general awkwardness. In particular, I’m talking about J & C. Thank you so much for everything.


Dear followers, I’d like to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope 2011 will be better than yesterday and may you find success, happiness, fortune & whatever else you’re after in the coming year!

I won a very minor percentage of money from the 31 million dollar Tattslotto today. Very minor, but nethertheless, I won more than what the ticket cost me so profit!

My NYE was pretty average, grabbed lunch with the girls and bummed for a while in the 40 degree (celsius) weather. No trams were running in the city so I had to walk a fair distance to get to my tram. Despite the scorching sun and humid weather, I didn’t mind the walk. It’s not like I had anything better to do! It was interesting seeing everything get set up for the big night/fireworks and to see people out and about. Most people were heading towards the city but for those who were leaving the city, they carried with them grocery bags so I guess they were opting for a nice home cooked dinner inside. Me? I spent NYE alone :( My parents actually went out and they said they’d come back before 12 but I told them not to worry about it because they’d probably get stuck in traffic anyway and spend new years on the roads. Of course, they didn’t listen to me and yes, they got stuck in traffic. Anyway, next new years will be better. :)

And I am to start my Project 365 today! I’ll be incorporating it in this blog anyway and along with a photo, I’ll be posting about my day and what not. So no longer text posts, but text + photo posts now ;)


One day you will find your light again.

{ I Believe In You - Il Divo ft Celine Dion }

Don’t laugh at this song. I love it baha. Going to try and make this quick because I’d like to talk about my day using photos rather than words! I’ve finally uploaded some pics from my camera so I’ll tell you all about my past few days.

Today, I took a random trip down to Chapel Street and bought some wooden coat hangers from Supabargains. My favourite place. For those of you who don’t know, Supabargains is a $2 shop and the one near my house is owned by Viets. Awesome. I bought quite a few coat hangers and they’re much cheaper than Ikea but as Christine said, the cheaper ones give you splinters unlike the more expensive Ikea ones. No splinters as of yet, I think I’ll be fine. Clothes look so much better when they’re hung on wooden hangers! I will have to go buy more, I only bought enough to hang 3/4 of my dress collection… I also bought a Kookai dress with a cut out back, ah I love it. Don’t know if I’ll muster the confidence to wear it soon but I will have to. It looks better on the hanger :P

My family had my Uncle’s 50th Birthday dinner at none other than Footscray. I got to hang out with my baby nephews? (family trees are too confusing. They’re not my nephews but I call them that because it’s easier.) It was a good dinner and then the Karaoke started …. so most of us went home. The guy singing was hilarious, he was trying really hard to sing with vibrata. Lalalala. Started to pack bags to go home and then some random guy (not really random, my cousin’s cousins I think?) asked to take a photo with me. Yeah, Meghan isn’t good at saying no but I figured because he was lingering for quite a while, I should just take one. I don’t understand though, why? I could kind of tell that him and his friend (or other cousin) were trying to bet each other and were joking around. So awkward. I should’ve made a funny face in the photo :D Afterwards, Mum gave me a ‘talk’ and she’s all like ‘I don’t know, what are you meant to do in a situation like that Meghan?’ I’m like ‘whatevs’ and she’s all serious saying ‘you know, you don’t HAVE TO take photos if you don’t want, just say no!’ It was pretty funny.

I’m taking Christine to High Tea at the Hyatt for her birthday! We only decided that today but have been meaning to go for quite a while. There are a lot of hotels that provide high tea, it was so hard to choose. But we were swayed by Hyatt’s promise of waffles and macarons, so Hyatt it is. We will take plenty of photos :)

Time to upload photos now


We are young, we run free, stay up late, we don’t sleep.

Got our friends, got the night. We’ll be alrightttt.

{ We’ll Be Alright | Bruno Mars }

Just a quick hello before I watch ‘The Black Swan.’ I’m quite excited to watch it actually, but scared too. ‘Psychological thriller.’ Sounds like I’m going to be mind blown. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower. Naww, the baby is adorable. Halfy baby hence my halfy post yesterday. There was another halfy baby there too, his name is Cooper. HE’S SO ADORABLE. Jock took photos of him baha. He has big hazel eyes and brown hair and the cutest little laugh. Afakhfakh, halfy babies win. It was good to catch up with all the other family friends though. I’ve known them since I was little and we’ve grown up together. It’s funny how we used to get bored and play with firecrackers (or make sparkler bombs), play the card game 13 in the late hours of the night or even play ‘Spoons’ with plastic knives (yeah, that was a bad idea. There was blood). Everyone’s much older now and we’ve all moved on to other things but we still got together and played some good old sport. Soccer and cricket. Meghan needs to play sport more often, I was actually tired from running around a little bit. Maybe it’s because jeans and flats make it impossible to run comfortably. Copped a soccer ball to the stomach during the game but shot a goal muahaha. Ben gave me his Harry Potter books (minus number 4) so yayayayay, happy times for me :D

Today I lazed around at home (like usual) and played with the sewing machine! I enjoyed some quality mother-daughter bonding time with the Mum and I hemmed a few tops. Also, Mum bought a maxi dress but she wanted only the skirt so I got to keep the top part and she got the skirt. Winner, new top :)

Going to watch the movie now. Only a few days left of 2010…!


Is this love or am I dreaming?

{ Wherever You Are | Unique ft Charice }

Boxing day today. As per usual, I didn’t shop extensively! I woke up pretty late… as per usual as well. Lately, I’ve had really bad hayfever. Dear Melbournians, is this just me? Or has the weather just been wack lately? Headed to Chapel Street and shopped for a short while - left with a weaved halter neck top from Bariano. THAT’S IT. I said I need tops … but casual tops not formal tops. Oh well, cheap :) There was an amazing cut out dress from Kookai but I was with my mum and she was like ‘ew.’ I don’t like shopping with my Mum haha, she hates everything I like and never lets me buy. I might head out tomorrow and have a re-look at all the stores and maybe buy the dress :P I would also like a pair of Cheap Mondays.

Oh, I also bumped into a friend of mine from my old school. I hadn’t seen her in 4 years and we used to be amazingly close. I regret not keeping regular contact, but we had a good catch up in the midde of Sportsgirl and will definitely arrange another proper catch up. Ah, it brings back memories. It really does make me wonder where I’d be now if I had stayed at my old school.

Had dinner at Jock’s house, had a lot to eat and then ‘desert.’ It was a little dry. Baha, no pun intended. I kid, dessert was good. I’m so tired right now, what’s wrong with me? I sleep too much.

Sigh, lately I’ve been feeling weird in a bad way (emotionally I mean) … I can’t even think of words to describe it and I’ve been wanting to blog about it for a while now but I really don’t know where to begin. I can’t describe it. Maybe I’ll try another time..

Hope everyone managed to have a bit more luck than me at the Boxing Day sales!


Once bitten and twice shy.

{ Last Christmas } 

Oh no, it’s actually not Christmas day anymore! I was meant to pst this much earlier but I’ve been lazy / preoccupied! Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoy Boxing Day sales today. I can imagine right now the people lining up outside Myer and David Jones .. waiting for that 5am store opening. Crazy! 

Last night my family went over to my grandparent’s house for a family Xmas Eve party. We had a lot of food and the kids got to indulge in their Kris Kringle (apparently I’m an old kid now, no presents!) It’s cute seeing kids opening their presents … one of my cousins (or cousin’s kid… I don’t actually know what I call him) gave up opening his present half way because it was too difficult and walked away. This kid (named Taylor) was even more cute last night, his Mum took him to the toilet and then she went to get something and then I heard this ‘Muuuuum…’ and I walk in and I’m like ‘what’s wrong?’ He had a really cheeky look on his face and he said ‘I forgot how to wipe!’ Cutest thing I have ever heard a little kid say. Afterwards, Leighton and I drove and picked up Jock from her house and then went to a club called Alumbra at Docklands. My second time clubbing … I’ve become less awkward at dancing :P The club is really nice and I’m glad the guy at the entrance asked me for my ID (bahaha, it feels good to be allowed in). Afterwards, we went for some late night / early morning Hungry Jacks. 

ALSO, over the past few days, I’ve had my first drive on a freeway, my first shot and my first drive in a convertible car (I didn’t drive it but back seat! It was really windy). 

Sorry for the choppy and at times detached blog post, I’m currently watching The Office :D Ceebs continuing! 

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

Not really, Katy Perry. I don’t really know how a plastic bag feels.

Currently, Firework isn’t playing but I have it in my head. I’m learning it on piano at the moment, sounds pretty average at the moment, have to ‘spice’ it up a little.

So today I woke up at midday. This has been happening a lot lately and I should get out of the habit of doing so. It’s like I wake up and then before I know it, it’s dinner time. Waste of a day. I guess I can KIND OF afford to waste my days right now BUT I’d much rather be doing something productive. (LIKE PERHAPS, WORKING? It’s so hard to find a job around this time… after New Years!) My brother and I went on a trip to Costco and bought crabs and dumplings to contribute to the family party later today (oh hai, it’s Christmas Eve!) Costco seemed to offer A LOT more free samples… samples at every corner! We also bought cheap pizza and drinks at the Cafeteria. SO CHEAP AND THE PORTIONS ARE LARGE. I was standing next to a trolly and an American lady came up with her cute little son (no pedo I swear) and she asked if it was my trolly. I LOVE AMERICAN ACCENTS. Every time I’ve been to Costco I’ve seen American families, so cool. I wonder if Australians go to America and shop at …. I can’t think of a comparison :(  I drove to and from Costco .. parking at Costco was hectic but being the leet I am, I managed to grab the parking spot closest to the entrance ;) 

After I went home and chilled for a bit then headed out to the city to meet Mai at her work. Hehe she has an awesome Vodafone/3 uniform. ( I REALLY NEED A JOB ) We pondered for a while, she spoke mysteriouly on the phone reguarding ‘work related’ issues, we settled for China Bar and ate and caught up. For some reason, Mai was really persistent on wanting to tram back to mine and just hang out so we trammed and then I got a suprise. Christine was standing outside my house with presents. Nawwwww. They had worked together to plan this and the ‘mysterious’ person on the phone was Christine all along. I’m still being spoilt and my birthday has been over for over a week! <3 Mai got me wooden alphabet letters spelling out my name and she and Christine had painted and decorated the letters - coloured pink and purple with glitter. IT’S REALLY GIRLY, but will compliment my pink wall. :P I’m now labeled Princess Meghan. Christine then gave me a massive box which was really heavy and I seriousy had no idea what it was…


I don’t know if you guys remember the story of when Christine and I attempted to sew skirts for the Minnie Mouse dress up but then we short circuited my sewing machine (20 years old or something…) and it burned out… well Christine remembered that I want/need a new one and now I can sew skirts and bows/flowers to put on headbands and whatever else I can actually sew. I’m so excited to get started, I’ll start basic but hopefully after a while I’ll be able to sew some decent stuff. Don’t worry, I won’t go all Jenny Humphrey on you guys :) AHHHH ONE DAY I’LL SEW DRESSES.

Christine had to leave and Mai stayed for a bit longer; we ate Choc Mint Magnums and watched Friends because both of us had sore throats from talking too much. After Mai left, I went back to my Vampire Diaries BUT watched it whilst ironing. SEEEE, sitting at home watching TV shows can still be productive… :P


The sound of silence…

What ever happened to me titling my blog posts with the song I was currently listening to? Right now, I’m sitting in bed on Macbook (now I understand why laptops are awesome) and I’m not listening to anything at the moment. Just the keyboard going clack clack clack. Speaking of keyboards I think I might share with you guys a random fact about how I type. When I’m doing caps-lock I still use the actual caps-lock button even if it’s just to capitalise a name or ‘I’ or something. Christine thinks I’m weird I do that but for this whole blog post I’m trying the other way and I’ve finally come to realise the utility of the ‘shift’ button…! *mind blown*

I spent the whole day going out and having fun in the sun  watching The Vampire Diaries. I think I’ve watched about 11 episodes. The actors in the show are so ridiculously good looking and I think Nina Dobrev is GORGEOUS. Okay, now I just had to hold the ‘shift’ button to type that whole word in caps. In cases such as these, is the capslock button more useful? I went to pick up our new TV from JB Hi-Fi with Dad this morning and set it up with Leighton. ITS HUGE AND SO CLEAR. The TV comes with 3D glasses too 8) Whilst trying them on Mum was like ‘hey Meghan! Can you see me in 3D?’ HAHAHAH MUMMY YOU SO FUNNEH. :P 

Mum and Dad keep coming into my room to tell me to ‘sleep, don’t stay up late.’ it’s 12.51. Not thaaat late. They start telling me it’s late when it hits around 12. My answer as always ‘why?!’ I don’t normally sleep late though so I think I’m used to sleeping around this time. But still, why? Haha

COSTCO TOMORROW? Got to love wholesale American products. Buffalo wings anyone? 


I haven’t text posted in aaaaaaaaaages, sorry!

I don’t know why I haven’t been writing about my day much. Maybe because nothing too exciting has been happening lately! Currently, I’m on summer holidays but the weather at the moment in Melbourne isn’t too ‘summery’ unfortunately :( I’m waiting for the days when we can go to the beach and the days when I don’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing.

Well today, SUSAN was meant to come over to record some piano covers (I hope she’s reading this :P) but she slept in … the noob. So I woke up for nothing! Oh well, I’ve been sleeping too much lately I think it’s a good thing to be waking up early. Later, I’m going to Chadstone to meet up with Janet and Christine. We’re going to get free Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and see Love and Other Drugs. I heard it’s a sad movie and I seem to be a weakling lately so I will probably cry. WHAT HAS VCE DONE TO ME?! On the topic of VCE, I lost me VCE certificate :| It was in a pile on the ground…now I can’t find it. I completely cleared out my room yesterday and didn’t come across it either. Le fu! Is it strange that I love cleaning? I don’t know .. it’s just so satisfying.. I’ll make a good house wife some day? :P

More later!


Oh hai dere.

  • For some reason text posting feels like a really mundane tasks
  • Oh hai dot points
  • I swear my room used to be bigger than this… everything seems so familiar yet unfamiliar?
  • Back to Melbourne water, yummyyyyyyyyy
  • Melbourne weather: it’s okay today? Kind of cold but I’m going to miss Vietnam night weather. Not going to miss Lau O’Clock though (you won’t get this lol)
  • I have some major unpacking to do
  • I didn’t get to buy as much as I first planned to. Didn’t get any glasses frames or contacts or HANDBAGS or rings. I did however buy 2 pairs of heels, some super awesome nerd glasses and Ray Bans and dresses and nailpolish and BEER HATS (will post a photo later)
  • Excited to watch the DVDS I bought. I’ve got the whole of Friends - who would like to join me in a marathon? I have all the Harry Potter movies too but I’m trying to decide whether I should read all of the books first then watch all of the movies or watch the movies after each book or what? D:


One cannot be bothered writing in paragraphs.

  • Been in Vietnam for almost a week but it seems much longer! We’ve gone around to lots of places, eaten lots of food, taken photos.
  • FOOD IS SO CHEAP. Drinks will every meal, I’m loving it.
  • People in Vietnam stare a lot. Maybe it’s because we’re tourists.
  • I think over here, I am actually seen as a giant.
  • I want to watch Gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • Going to Phu Quoc (beachhhhhhhh) tomorrow
  • YAY LEIGHTON AND JOCK ARE FLYING UP AS I TYPE. Now the party don’t start ‘til they fly in (8)
  • Trying to decide whether or not to get a  perm or not. My cousin got one and her hair is really nice and wavy!
  • Thinking about it … all I’ve been doing is eating.
  • My grandma has better eye sight than me.
  • Rode on a motor bike yesterday - it was fun. Though I was freaking out cos I was scared we’d crash but it was all good. Did get to see a motorbike crash outside the hotel though. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.
  • Getting a traditional vietnamese dress tailored. It’s amazing how cheap it is. $20 for the material I bought and the dress making. :|
  • Vietnamese currency confuses me. All of the notes look the same and I get confused between 10,000 and 100,000 notes. THEIR CURRENCY IS TOO LARGE. Over here, I’m a billionaire! :P
  • Might find a download for glee; don’t know if hotel will let me download it though bahaha.